06 Oct

Building A User Friendly Website

Most of the time our customers have an idea of how they wish that their website should look like. Even though these ideas are great and aligned with their business concept, they are not always a user friendly option. By keeping your website user friendly you will greatly improve its performance, gain more prospects and boost sales for your business. So what is a User Friendly website? And how do we help you in the process? Here’s five standard steps we’re using when working with your website to ensure it being as user friendly as possible.



With an easy and simple navigation your visitors tend to stay longer and can without any effort browse on your website.  Most visitors are used to have the navigation on the top or left hand side of the website. These are the areas where the eyes also intuitively seek for the main menu.



Part of building a user friendly website is designing it the way your visitors expect it to look. For example, if you own a flower shop and decided to sell online, your web shop should look like a flower web shop and not like a fashion web shop. Aligned with your business concept we’ll create a professional design which is appealing for your target group. 



All our websites are built with a responsive design. This means that if your visitors are browsing from a mobile device, your website will adjust to its’ screen size. This makes the experience more pleasant with a better overview. Building the websites as responsive, also helps you rank higher on Google.



We’ll make sure that your content makes sense by highlighting important text (like for example headlines) to draw your readers’ attention. Links should have another color to differ from the text and images should enhance the text and not detract from it. Text should be organized with headers, sub headers, and paragraph text in order to differentiate the text, so that readers can quickly jump from section to section.



Contact Form and Google Maps are standard add-ons included in all of our packages. This is a simple way for you to let your visitors and prospective customers to get in contact and finding your business offline. 


These steps are our standard steps when creating a website. There are far more procedures to create and enhance a user friendly website by going into depth of User Experience. For example, which color on the buttons performs the best, which image is more appealing, which page attracts the most and which has the least visitor?


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